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‘˜God’ dares to bare on Phillip Weldon Road

A man claiming to be ‘˜God’ was arrested in the wee hours July 27 after accosting residents on Phillip Weldon Road while in the nude. Warren and Linda Abrams said the man tried to break in the front door of their home at about 1:30 a.m. ‘I went to look, armed of course, and when I turned on the carport lights I saw a completely naked man. So, I called 911,’ Warren Abrams told The Herald Gazette. Cpl. Sibley Norton arrived but the nocturnal nudist had run away from the Abrams home after urinating in their carport. At that point, another call came in about the nude man from across the road at the home of Jay and Diana Dunn and Dep. Anthony Redding was dispatched. Cpl. Norton spotted the man in the driveway of the Dunn home and observed he was likely under the influence of some unknown substance. He had trouble maintaining his balance and his eyes were red and glassy, according to Norton’s report. ’I asked the subject his name to which he advised he was at home and he was walking through the gates of heaven,’ Cpl. Norton wrote. When asked for his name and address, the man replied he was God and he was at home. Neither the Dunns nor the Abrams had ever seen the man before but the folks at the Lamar County jail had. He was identified as Matthew Cambron, 33, of 3034 Macon Rd., Griffin but did not identify as such. He was cuffed and placed into the back of a patrol car and taken to the jail. During the ride, he told Cpl. Norton he Mark Sanchez and he was one million years old. He said he thought the apocalypse was upon us all. At the jail, he told detention officers he was God Malone. Cambron was charged with two counts public indecency, criminal trespass, giving a false name and public drunkenness. He is quite familiar with his new earthly home behind bars where he is being held on a $5000 bond. He was arrested in 2013 for possession of meth, possession of drug related objects and various traffic offenses. He was back in 2014 on a probation violation. On January 22, 2019 he was arrested for entering an auto with intent to commit theft and criminal trespass.

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