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A lookity box gift idea for Dad

I saw where the cast of the TV show ‘˜Friends’ got back together for a reunion episode recently. I didn’t bother tuning in. Having never watched a single episode of the show, the reunion held no interest for me. I am told the cast from ‘˜Sex in the City’ is planning a reunion event. I won’t bother watching that one either as I have never watched it. I have also never watched ‘˜Seinfeld’, ‘˜The Office’, ‘˜Grey’s Anatomy’, ‘˜The Walking Dead’, ‘˜American Idol’ or any of the popular series on the ‘˜lookity box’, the descriptive term a great aunt used for her big console TV back in the day. I did watch ‘Sharp Objects’ in its entirety because it was largely filmed here and I met so many of the people involved personally. I am kind of embarrassed to admit the last show I watched with any regularity before that was ‘˜Desperate Housewives’ but I miss it desperately. I might watch a reunion episode of it if Gabby, Lynette and Bree are involved. Prior to that, the last show I watched religiously was ‘˜Mork and Mindy’ which boasted the fledgling comedic genius of Robin Williams. I prefer a good book to television but I do watch sports. I never miss a Georgia football game. I enjoy college football and, to a lesser extent, college basketball. The Falcons? Not so much! Wake me when the vastly overrated Matt Ryan follows Julio out the door. I will, however, watch soccer all day. I often watch matches announced only in Spanish. I can’t understand a word but love hearing the excitement in the voices of the play-by-play announcers and the extended, exaggerated screams of ‘Gooooaaaallllll’. I particularly enjoy watching the US Women’s National Team which, at this writing, has won 41 straight matches and is the favorite to win gold in the upcoming Olympic Games. Just this past week, I tuned back in to watch the Atlanta Hawks after a long time. I heard so many good things about Trae Young that I watched a game and the team rekindled my interest. Other than sports, I will stream a movie – I prefer old Westerns – every once in a while but I am not big on TV series or, at least, I wasn’t until recently. I heard a lot of talk about ‘˜Yellowstone’ and then, late one night when I could not sleep, I was running through the channels and saw Paramount was running the entire series. I watched two episodes before sleep took over but the hook was set. I ordered DVDs of the first three seasons and started at the beginning. I was enthralled. Kevin Costner plays John Dutton who is trying to save his huge ranch from all sorts of encroaching threats. Kelly Reilly plays his daughter Beth, whose antics alone make the show worthwhile. Several females I know swoon over Kayce Dutton, played by Luke Grimes but Rip (Cole Houser) is the big, bad and often deadly cowboy. The last episode of season three couldn’t have ended in a more bizarre fashion. Cliffhanger does not even begin to describe it. The lives of several of the stars were hanging in the balance when the credits rolled. There is some drama still regarding when the first episode of season four will air. It appeared it would be Father’s Day, June 20 but Paramount has pushed it back due to the aforementioned Olympics. Do your Dad a favor and introduce him to ‘˜Yellowstone’. Buy the DVDs if necessary but have him start at the beginning. There is time to get caught up. If he liked ‘˜Mork and Mindy’ or could stomach ‘˜Desperate Housewives’, he will love it.

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