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Aaron Brown resigns assessors post

Aaron Brown resigned his appointment to the Board of Assessors Tuesday night at the regular meeting of the Lamar County commission. His resignation is effective immediately. Brown had been the board’s vice-chairman prior to wholesale resignations demanded by the county commission earlier this year. He was the lone holdover from the previous board. ”If you have ever smelled a corpse you will never forget it. That is the smell of that office now. It is the smell of hate and fear. I have not smelled it that bad in many years,” Brown said. Conversely, new chairman John Hambrick reported the new board has revalued 680 parcels of property in five weeks compared to only 23 done in the entire month of February under the previous regime. New chief appraiser Jeannie Haddock told the commission she was impressed with the board. “The people in this office. I’m telling you. They hit the road. They are going at it,” she said. ”There is a great atmosphere in our office now. Everybody is on the same page,” Hambrick said. As reported here yesterday, George Brown nominated Claire White to the board and the commission unanimously approved that appointment. Now a new appointee is needed for Brown’s former slot. That nomination belongs to commissioner Bennie Horton.

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