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Accused killers found with weapons in jail

Two accused murderers and two Kentucky escapees were found with weapons after a search earlier this week at the Lamar County jail. Contrary to initial reports, no drugs or alcohol were found. The four, Kenneth Michael Yost, Ronald Eugene Smith, Jesse Sebastian and James Whisman had a hearing before Judge William Thomas yesterday. Yost is charged with the murder of Donald Clark who disappeared from his home last November. His body was found Christmas eve in a Redbone cornfield. Smith is charged with the murder of Charles Graves Adams. He allegedly shot Adams in the face with a high-powered rifle in a drug dispute. Sheriff Larry Waller reported Friday the shakedown was conducted after inmates flushed foreign matter down a toilet, causing a sewage backup. The weapons found were stretched trash bags which had been braided into five-foot sections. Dental floss tied between two toothbrushes was also found. A bedsheet that had been torn into sections and tied together was also located. ”These are common household items that can become deadly when fashioned into weapons,” Waller said. A makeshift garrote puled around an officer’s neck can incapacitate and kill quickly, the sheriff added. ”The handbook issued to inmates prohibits alteration of any issued supplies or equipment but only constant supervision can prevent escape attempts,” the sheriff concluded.

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