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Aldora ‘˜jumped the gun’ on offering up old sheds

A Herald-Gazette story on the Aldora mill village and the offer of free sheds and blocks created exrtensive interest and readers flooded the old neighborhood attempting to take city officials up on the offer. ’We jumped the gun on that. The problem is we did not have enough restrictions on those who bought houses. We did not have a time limit for them to come get the sheds that went with the houses they bought and moved. So, they sat there and sat there and we thought they had been abandoned. Then, when other folks wanted them, they came out of the woodwork,’ Aldora mayor Jimmy Matthews said. As a result, there were several confrontations and Aldora personnel and sheriff’s deputies made numerous trips to the village to keep the peace and provide security. ’I hope things have settled down now and I think they have but we have to keep this project moving. We are giving those who own sheds a grace period until the end of the month. At that point, everything out there is subject to be taken to the landfill as we see fit,’ Matthews concluded.

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