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Aldora Village disappearing one house at a time

By Rachel McDaniel Several houses have been moved from the historic Aldora Mill Village but 18 two bedroom homes are still for sale for only $2,000 each – not including the cost to move them. The houses were built in 1957 and when water and sewer lines beneath the aging neighborhood deteriorated beyond repair, the city decided to sell the houses, move them and rebuild in the same location. ’We plan to have all of the houses moved by the end of the year,’ said Barnesville Housing Authority director Linda Waterman. ‘It was an amazing neighborhood for many years and it’s in such a convenient location. It’s near all the schools, a grocery store and medical building. We are going to rebuild but have to put in new infrastructure first. We are still in the planning stage, but we know that we want to make the lots larger and have more green space. There were 43 houses, but we are not going to build that many back.’ Eight of the Aldora Mill Village houses have already been moved and 10 are scheduled to be moved in the next couple of weeks. There are still 18 houses for sell and they are all two-bedroom homes and the $2,000 price tag includes the shed. Waterman said the houses are all in good condition, but some were remodeled more recently than others and some still have plaster walls while others have sheetrock walls. ’The process of moving a house is quite involved,’ said Waterman. ‘It’s something to see – watching a big house go down the road.’ Mayor Jimmy Matthews said previously that the land will be developed into a gated community with about 20 all new homes on large lots surrounded by considerable green space with all new utilities for the neighborhood. ’People will own their homes and lots but we will cut all the grass and do the maintenance. They won’t need a lawnmower,’ Matthews added. Fouse and Graham streets will end in cul de sacs, enclosing the area. There will be no access from Peacock Street. At one time, the mill village boasted 77 homes and had its own school, baseball field, church and company store. ’Our goal is to make it an asset; make it a showplace the community can be proud of,’ Matthews concluded.

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