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Americans fighting for ISIS are traitors

By Walter Geiger If you want to see the political correctness spin machine at work, read the strangely sparse news stories about the two Americans who have been killed while fighting for ISIS in Syria. If you have been living in a cave, ISIS is the radical islamic force that has burst onto the terror scene with fervor and delights in crucifying Christian males and beheading Christian children. They also beheaded American journalist James Foley and posted the gruesome video online. It was grotesque but the message was clear. ISIS hates America and Americans and vows to bring the battle to this country. How will they get here, you ask? Just take a look at our nonexistent southern border. The sadistic beheading of Foley did accomplish one thing. It seemed to take Barack Obama’s focus off his short game and put it back on world affairs where it should be. We have bombed ISIS forces and we will have boots on the ground engaging them in Syria soon. You can take that to the bank. When that happens, our troops will go up against American citizens who have joined ISIS and are openly fighting for radical Islam. Two have already died in action. The first, oddly, was named Douglas McAuthur McCain. His body was found among many others following a clash in Syria in which there were heavy casualties on both sides. In his pockets were his American passport and $800 in cash. McCain, by all accounts, grew up American, smoked marijuana, got in some scrapes with the law, worked odd jobs and finally migrated to San Diego where he worked at a Somali restaurant. You might want to avoid those, by the way. It was there McCain ‘˜reverted’ to Islam. His reversion morphed to devout then radical and soon he found his way to Syria to fight for the largest assemblage of heartless, coldblooded killers ever assembled. His body would have been just another on a large pile if not for his passport. Less is known about the death of the second American to die while at war for ISIS but Abdirahmaan Muhumed of Minneapolis apparently was killed in the same battle that sent McCain to paradise. Muhumed was one of about 15 Somali-Americans who traveled to Syria to join ISIS. They were recruited by our dear friends at Al Qaeda. Now the same group is recruiting women from the Twin Cities, citing their need for nurses. There are no nurses, however. The women are targeted for brainwashing and face being married off to terrorists or being sexually exploited by them. The national press has tiptoed around these stories. The Amercian jihadists have been termed ‘˜misguided’ or ‘˜impressionable’. Meanwhile, Al Qaeda calls them ‘˜Minnesota’s martyrs’. There is really only one word that applies to these people. That word is ‘˜traitor’. Walter Geiger is editor and publisher of The Herald Gazette.

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