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Another Medicare scam making the rounds

Yet another Lamar countian has been called in the ongoing Medicare card scam. Alice Tice of Crawford Road answered a call from an unknown caller ID on her phone and heard a man with a thick foreign accent telling her Medicare was sending her a new card and asking for information. ’I said no, thank you, I’ll wait for Medicare, and hung up,’ Tice said. She called the Medicare office who told her the call was a fraud and urged her to call the inspector general to report it. She also called the sheriff’s office. The Medicare card phone scams are hitting all across the country, targeting senior citizens. Scam artists try to get their personal information such as Medicare, Social Security or bank account numbers, claiming it is needed for a mailing fee, and will even go so far as to transfer a call to a ‘supervisor.’ Medicare does not call beneficiaries and is not giving out new cards. Even if it were, Medicare would not call. Medicare does not need to know a beneficiary’s Medicare number. It already has it, nor does it need a person’s bank account information. Beneficiaries are advised not to give out their personal information such as Medicare number, Social Security number or bank account information over the telephone, especially to someone they do not know.

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