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Assessors chairman says no to resignation request

In the wake of demands by county commissioners that they resign, assessors chairman Lisa Dziedzic declined to do so. Assessor David Dodd said he would resign after the Jan. 14 meeting ‘“ but he would not hand his resignation to the county clerk as required. Instead, he will give it to commissioner Nancy Thrash. ”I am politely declining. I have no intention of resigning,” Dziedzic said. She plans to serve out her term, which ends in December 2011. ”Appointing a new board at this time will result in several months of training at county expense,” she said. “This will cause delays in deadlines which in turn will see the county paying fines to the state ‘“ at taxpayers’ expense.” Dziedzic noted assessors are in the middle of a countywide revaluation that must be completed by 2012. ”We’re aware the economy has decreased values and the revaluation will reflect this,” she said. “In addition the C&D landfill and rock quarry will lower some values,” which could result in taxes being raised to make up the lowered revenue. ”We’re aware some of our decisions are unpopular,” she said. Dodd, who expressed disappointment that commissioners were not in attendance, said they “are overlooking most of the facts and jobs that must be done,” and until they are trained the two oncoming members ‘“ who have not been named ‘“ will be non-functional in setting of fair market values for property. ”They need to be very careful in their selection of nominees,” he said. Dodd noted it is commissioners who set the millage rate. ”Things have been further complicated because since I’ve been appointed, commission chairman Jay Matthews has come with a specific request to terminate a member of the staff or resign, one time as recently as this week,” he said. “In one instance he came to an executive session and asked that the entire board resign. To run an efficient staff you don’t need outside interference. I won’t resign under these conditions.” This is why he chose Thrash as the recipient of his resignation ‘“ if she wants it. ”I think she’s acting on what she thinks is best for the county,” he said. “I’d like to know if she knows of any specific actions (that would result in termination) on my part. I don’t think so.” To remove a board member the superior court must become involved, he noted. Dodd also called for both boards to “move on from the problem” because none of the assessor’s decisions have been illegal.

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