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Backroads rapper signs with Nashville studio

By Diana New Barnesville’s Devin Goddard, who is known by many as Tinn Man, has signed a record deal with a major hip hop studio in Nashville. His album ‘˜Till the Wheels Fall Off’ will be released June 10. Goddard gained a love for hip hop when he was 14 after listening to the group CWB. Shortly after discovering CWB, Goddard began free-styling and winning rap battles. Soon he became recognized as Tinn Man. Goddard and his family have a tradition of watching ‘˜The Wizard of Oz’ together and he was always intrigued by the Tin Man character. ’The Tin Man didn’t have a heart, but he felt,’ Goddard reflected. ‘I just played off of the character and the name stuck.’ Eager to get his name out as a hip hop artist, Goddard began googling record labels and asking producers to listen to his material. When he was just 17, Goddard signed a contract with Atlanta’s Unzipped Records. ReverbNation described Goddard as one of the most professional people in underground hip hop music after being in the scene for more than 13 years. Goddard keeps his hip hop career professional by remaining humble and setting goals for himself in writing and music. ’I want people to realize it isn’t about the money. Music is my outlet,’ Goddard insisted. ‘I’m not really good at talking about things so I write. I can relate to other people through my writing and because of my songs I am able to travel and see cool things I never thought I would get to experience.’ After his hit single ‘˜Wasted Away’ was released, Goddard began receiving calls from producers and was able to experience his first music video. ’My song ‘˜Wasted Away’ has definitely had the biggest impact on my career as an artist,’ Goddard reflected. ‘After its release, record deals came pouring in. The video for the song came out and now has almost 200,000 views. I’m humbled. My children, Ansley and Reese, were also able to make appearances in the video which made the experience even more memorable.’ Goddard has had contracts with producers in Atlanta but is excited to sign with Nashville. It has always been a goal of his to release an album of original songs. ‘I am thankful to have had the opportunity to work with producers in Atlanta, but I just feel like Nashville has a better vibe,’ Goddard explained. ‘Producers in Atlanta tried to make me record songs about subjects I didn’t want to sing about. I’m just a Barnesville backroad rapper and I want to perform songs that speak to me. Nashville has given me this opportunity and I couldn’t be more excited.’ For more: or Tinn Man on facebook.

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