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Bad day for stoners in Lamar superior court

Two young men failed court-ordered drugs tests and are now in jail after one of them showed up in an altered state for arraignment on multiple drug related charges stemming from a previous incident Feb. 1. A disheveled Anthony Charles Walker, 21, of 528 Ramah Church Rd. appeared before Judge Tommy Wilson in superior court for a simple arraignment on two counts possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute, possession of meth, two counts possession of marijuana, possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug related objects. Judge Wilson asked Walker if he could pass a drug test and he replied in the negative. He then asked Walker what he would test positive for and he replied ‘weed’. The judge informed Walker he would be tested and, if he tested positive for anything else, he would be jailed for contempt. Walker persisted in his claim but tested positive for multiple other drugs and was sentenced to 20 days in jail for contempt. At that point, an equally disheveled companion of Walker’s, 19-year-old Jon Connor Montgomery, protested from the seating area of the courtroom. ‘I’got to give him a ride home. What am I supposed to do,’ Montgomery asked, raising his voice. Judge Wilson informed Montgomery, who has a Houston Street address in Barnesville, that, due to his outburst, he would be tested and asked what he would test positive for. Like Walker, he said ‘weed’. The judge gave him the same warning about the result of testing positive for any other substance but Montgomery, too, persisted. He also tested positive for multiple substances and went to jail for 20 days for contempt. He does have the option of getting out upon payment of a $500 fine after five days of purging his system. ’Marijuana doesn’t make you look line that. Meth and cocaine do,’ Wilson told the courtroom, pointing to Walker and Montgomery who left in handcuffs.

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