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BBQ & Blues to showcase Barnesville

By T. J. Imberger Event chairman The national spotlight will be on Barnesville soon as the smell of hickory smoke starts to work its way through town. The stars and crew of the TV reality show BBQ Pitmasters will soon find out what we already know ‘“ Barnesville is a great example of what small town USA is all about. The Barnesville BBQ and Blues Festival is in its ninth year of showcasing some of the best barbecue and music in the Southeast. So much so that several months ago we were contacted by Discovery Channel’s producers of BBQ Pitmasters to bring the filming of a one hour episode here to Barnesville, only one of 10 episodes to be filmed for season four of the show. It’s exciting to showcase our town each year to the visiting teams, vendors, sponsors and spectators. The anticipation of seeing our friends, neighbors and family on national TV will be even more exciting. I’m confident those watching our episode will see how the pride we have in our town translates into making us great hosts to so many. Barnesville can be proud in the way our citizens come together with hard work to create a spirit of welcome and excitement. It takes many to put on a large festival of this nature. Our festival committee is large and dedicated. Our volunteers are joyful as they put in their many hours of service. Our community leaders and city and county employees pull together to demonstrate true commitment. Our business owners showcase their services to local citizens and out of town guests. Our sponsors use and provide their resources to support the event so great causes can benefit. These are the reasons why so many come to take part and visit the last weekend in April every year. These are the reasons why Barnesville is known on the competition barbecue circuit as ‘one of the best competitions around.’ It’s my hope you and your family enjoy a great weekend in Barnesville. It’s a great time to see a custom decorated golf cart, eat some barbecue, turn in your favorite sauce or dessert, see a great custom vehicle show, listen to some music, watch your children slide down the big slide, see a Georgia music legend perform, view the filming of a national TV show or just relax and get caught up in the excitement. Just think, when so many viewers around this great country of ours watch the Barnesville episode of BBQ Pitmasters and say to themselves, ‘What a neat little town and a great place to live,’ you can have the pride in saying, ‘We already know’.

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