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Better outcomes require better decisions

By Judge William Thomas Lamar County chief magistrate Most of us recognize decisions have consequences. Responsible parents teach their children this. We know better decisions mean better results. The decision to ‘party like there’s no tomorrow’ may be literally true. The decision to imbibe in a variety of controlled or illegal substances, including that new ‘killer party drink’ may have dire consequences. My apologies to those who think of ‘party’ as an event involving cake and ice cream. As used above, it’s a code word for a licentious orgy. For most of us decision making is subtle. Few of us are constantly plagued by mentally challenging, gut wrenching decision making. We’re in the Nike age: ‘Just do it’. We have the lingering hippie mentality, ‘If it feels good, do it’. Most of our decisions are relatively automatic, without thought of potential consequences. Frequently this is to our detriment but with a delay. If one pork chop is good, a second is better. If dessert table choices are difficult try a healthy serving of several. The result shows up later with obesity and related health problems. Few of us decide on a second helping of broccoli. ’Just trying a joint won’t be a problem, every one else is doing it, go with the flow, I can deal with real life after I’m out of school.’ Marijuana is an entry level drug that leads to harder drugs. Often the consequences are disastrous. I’m in a hurry and the road is clear; speed limits are suggestions, not the law. Texting is like talking with my thumbs; I can do that while driving. It’s just a short trip, seat belts are a nuisance. You know people who suffered the consequences. The decision to hang out with the bad boys and run close to the edge, while exciting, has bad rewards. Read this aloud to yourself first, then to those you care about: ‘If you want better results, make better decisions.’

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