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Beware fake $100 bills

Barnesville police investigators have issued a warning to local merchants and citizens to be on the lookout for counterfeit $100 bills in circulation here. Investigator Dickie Carreker described the bills, most or all of which carry the serial number HG00074679B, as very good forgeries. ”We’ve had a rash of these showing up at retail outlets. One guy got paid for a job with six of them. If you mark them with the pen, they mark okay but when you hold them up to the light you see Abraham Lincoln’s picture in the watermark rather than Benjamin Franklin’s,” Carreker said. Apparently the bills are $5 denominations that have been altered to look like 100s. So far they have been found at Hot Shot, Family Dollar and Giant Mart. ”A clerk at Hot Shot spotted the first one. We want people to be alert. This is a very good counterfeiting job,” Carreker concluded. If you spot a questionable bill, call the BPD at 770-358-1244.

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