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Big changes at schools!

From school superintendent Dr. Jute Wilson: Important Lamar County School Update From the very onset, we knew the 2020-21 school year would be a challenge, requiring constant evaluations of what we are doing and adapting to best meet the needs of our students. With the number of students currently enrolled in “remote learning”, over 35%, and approaching 1,000 students, we are adapting our school calendar to allow our staff the opportunity to meet the needs of the remote-learner student population, continue to plan and prepare online delivery, and reduce daily interaction and exposure by 20%. Beginning this Monday, August 24th, 2020, Lamar County Schools will hold face-to-face instruction Tuesday-Friday until further notice. Please review the following: ’¢No students will report to school campus on Mondays until further notice. *This does not alter requirements by other institutions (Dual Enrollment at Gordon, Southern Crescent, etc) ’¢ALL staff are required to report to school campuses on Mondays, and they will work regular hours (may be exceptions for SNP & Transportation). ’¢Face-to-Face students will be given assignments each Friday for them to work on each Monday. These assignments will be due on Tuesdays. Monday will be a “work from home” day for face-to-face students. ’¢Mondays will be designated for teachers and staff to focus on remote learners, contact parents/students, plan for the week, record videos, embed lessons in google docs, etc. Teachers will be reaching out to parents and students on Mondays to assist with curriculum needs, answer questions, and to assess student progress. ’¢Only for remote learners who register for meals online: 5-Day Meal kits will be distributed (delivered) on Mondays beginning SEPTEMBER 14th. We will keep the Wednesday meal distribution offerings Aug 26 & Sept 2. We are developing plans to provide Breakfast/Lunch on Monday for face-to-face students. ’¢On Mondays, no students are permitted on campus until after 2 pm for extracurricular activities. ’¢Lamar County Schools will continue with face-to-face instruction Tuesday-Friday until further notice in an effort to support our students on campus and at home.

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