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Blast from the past: Morgan Corley jailed after high speed chase

A local man who has spent a large portion of his adult life in prison and whom National Geographic once called the “largest (volume) meth dealer in the south” is back behind bars at the Lamar jail after allegedly leading law enforcement on a high speed chase here Tuesday afternoon. Corley was under surveillance here. He reportedly sold drugs to a confidential informant. When a move was made to arrest him, he fled in a brand new, high performance Camaro. The chase wound through Barnesville along Thomaston, Swatts and Atlanta streets and then north onto Veterans Parkway. At one point, Corley drove through the alley behind the buildings on the west side of Main Street along the alley that connects Atlanta and Market streets. Corley took Silver Dollar Road and was finally stopped when Lt. Chris Webster used his car to force the Camaro into a pasture with a pit maneuver. Corley was taken into custody. Lt. Webster and his K9 Felony were unhurt. There were unconfirmed reports Corley had a kilo of meth in his possession. Corley, who is about 36 years of age, did two stints in the state penal system from August 3, 1998 to April 12, 2002 and January 25, 2005 to August 30, 2013. He had multiple convictions in Lamar County for criminal damage to property, auto theft, entering an auto and burglary. He had a Pike County conviction for theft by receiving stolen property and a Butts County convicion for theft by taking. In 2002, he was convicted of racketeering in Jones County were authorities said Corley, then 25, headed up a huge meth distribution organization that trafficked heavily in a smokeable form of the drug known as ice. Corley was featured on two National Geographic TV shows, ‘Hustlers’ and ‘Hard Times’. For more on those episodes, visit

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