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Bona fide American hero

Wednesday night, in advance of Veterans Day, Russell was the guest speaker at the Rock Springs Church in Milner, Georgia. Posted By – Keith Whitney from In 2003, a team of elite soldiers hunted down Saddam Hussein after the US Invasion of Iraq. The man leading them was Lt. Col. Steve Russell. ”This is a man who murdered 350-thousand Kurds and Shias,” said Russell, who has since retired from the military. “This is a man who murdered 20-thousand of his political opponents, gassed innocent women and children in villages. He invaded every country surrounding Iraq, except for Syria.” Russell was introduced to the enthusiastic congregation as a bona fide American hero by Pastor Benny Tate. After a resounding standing ovation, Russell recounted the dangerous work of tracking down the most dangerous man in the Middle East. ”I’m proud of the American people. Despite of the political bickering on both sides of the aisle, they did listen to the generals, and they listened to the troops on the ground to let them take a chance on 26-million Iraqis who deserve a better life.” Saddam Hussein was the Ace of Spades in the US deck of cards representing wanted war criminals in the post-911 era. He was later executed. Catching him, Russell said, was something he and his unit will never forget. ”Even the night that we got him, those few of us who knew that we were successful in the capture and the hunt, we were elated,” recalled Russell. “But when it happened we were still just as stunned as everyone else. And it was fantastic news, not unlike what the American people felt here at home.”

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