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Bond denied for alleged shooter

Chief magistrate Karen Jackson denied bond Wednesday afternoon for 61-year-old Terrell Michael Tidwell who faces multiple charges after allegedly opening fire on four police officers at Piedmont Pines Apartments in the wee hours of Tuesday morning which resulted in an ensuing standoff that lasted about five hours before he was arrested. No one was hurt. Some details of the incident emerged at the bond hearing. Tidwell appeared at the hearing in the standard jail jumpsuit and seated in a wheelchair. “I don’t know why I am here,” he told Judge Jackson. Judge Jackson explained the eight charges to Tidwell. She read from warrants that alleged he opened fire on BPD officers Mark Evans, Freddie Oates, Michael McEachern and Gordon P.D. officer Cornell Jordan with a Winchester 12 gauge shotgun, resulting in four counts of aggravated assault against a police officer. During the fusillade, three vehicles were hit: a 2007 Chevy Silverado, a 2011 Ford Focus and a 1996 Chevy 1500 pickup. That resulted in three counts of criminal damage to property. A single misdemeanor count of reckless conduct arose from Tidwell endangering the lives of those in the apartment complex. “You are charged with shooting through the door with reckless disregard for their safety,” the judge said. ”I didn’t do no shooting. I don’t own no Winchester shotgun. Somebody else did the shooting. I’m being held here against my will,” Tidwell responded. The defendant told Judge Jackson he was a paraplegic but admitted he could move his arms and ‘walk some’. He lives with his son, Justin, at the apartment complex that has been home for 10 years. He said he was hurt in a fall while doing construction work in 1986 and gets a disability check. ”We were just a few feet from planning funerals for these officers. We were just a few feet from planning a funeral for you. These are very serious charges,” Judge Jackson said. ”I thought I was gonna get killed. They told me to go lie in bed. I got a settlement. They wanted my money,” Tidwell responded. He never testified as to who ‘they’ were. Tidwell said his son would post bond for him if one was set. He said his brother would, too, but ‘they’ burned the brother’s house down. He also claimed ‘they’ killed his parents and daughter. ”Obviously, you have some sort of misunderstanding of the severity of the charges against you. I am going to deny bond. I feel you are a risk to commit other offenses,” Judge Jackson concluded.

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