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Bond denied for man charged in mother’s murder

By Walter Geiger A 39-year-old local man charged with shooting his own mother to death in her Liz Acres Road home here Sept. 15 was denied bond and bound over to a grand jury by Judge Bill Fears following a hearing here Nov. 10. David Lewis McGuire Jr. is charged with murder in connection with the death of his mother, 70-year-old Elaine Brown McGuire, but more charges will be forthcoming, according to assistant district attorney Mark Daniel. GBI agent David Peebles who worked the murder scene testified at the hearing. He said Dana Lowe, daughter of Elaine McGuire and brother of David McGuire, had tried to reach her mother by phone the day before she was found dead but could not reach her. She called her aunt, Polly Clemons, who went to the McGuire home with her son, Tony Clemons, who wanted to borrow $30 from Elaine McGuire. Tony Clemons went to the door but David McGuire would not allow him to enter. He gave Clemons the money and told him his mother was asleep, Peebles testified. Polly Clemons returned to the home the next morning but could not gain entrance. Lowe left work in Stockbridge, drove here and entered the home with her key. She found her mother dead on her bed and her brother passed out drunk on a sofa. Peebles testified Elaine McGuire was shot four times – once behind her right ear, once in the face, once in the right arm and once in the right side of her chest. The facial wound, evidence showed, grazed her face after striking a cellphone that belonged to her son. The phone was found near the couch where he was found drunk. The GBI agent said a .32 caliber revolver was found near Elaine McGuire’s left hand. All six bullets in it had been fired. A plastic bag was found on a bed in the guest room where David McGuire slept that contained additional .32 caliber ammunition. Peebles said David McGuire was living in the home because he was estranged from his wife Kimberly due to his alcoholism. He said Elaine McGuire did not tolerate alcohol in her home and speculated she had found some and confronted her son. Empty bottles were found in the outside trash and hidden around the house. All were fingerprinted. Glass matching that from the shattered cell phone was found on Elaine McGuire’s body. Gunshot residue and toxicology testing were done on both Elaine and David McGuire but results are not back yet. The cellphone has also not yet been downloaded. Peebles said nothing was missing from the home and jewelry was still in the home and on Elaine McGuire’s body. Officers arriving at the home heard David McGuire tell his aunt and sister he had no idea why his mother would commit suicide. After establishing that Peebles had done multiple suicide investigations, Daniel asked him if it was unusual to find four gunshot wounds on a suicide victim. ’That would be very unusual,’ the GBI agent concluded. McGuire is represented by public defender Douglas Smith.

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