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Boy Scouts to welcome gays to tent

By Robert Heiney One of the tenets of a secular humanist society is to deny the natural order of the universe. Out goes all reason and sanity and it’s replaced with modern humanist parables designed to create a new world order that continually throws you off balance because it just plain doesn’t make sense. For example, evolution and global warming: These two philosophies are routinely force fed to unsuspecting children in government schools even though science doesn’t support either. It should be no surprise that homosexuality is promoted and even encouraged in schools, churches and now the Boy Scouts. Before many leaders in the United States went totally mad, there was a time when you didn’t have to say the things I’m going to say. They were clearly understood by clear thinking individuals. For example, you wouldn’t send boys and girls out together on a weekend camping trip. Why not? Because they’re naturally attracted to each other. Duh. Why wouldn’t rational parents send their sons out with male homosexuals on Boy Scout camping trips? Bingo ‘“ homosexual boys are sexually attracted to other boys. Your son may get ‘hit on’ by other boys. So why did The National Council of the Boy Scouts of America recently vote to admit openly homosexual boys? Was this to extend some sort of compassion and acknowledgement of tolerance to a small but loud-mouthed group of counter-culture people? If so, this decision throws all the rest of the boys in the Scouts under the bus. From Jan. 1, 2014 forward, BSA policy forces Boy Scouts into the uncomfortable position of having in some cases to share a tent with an individual who may wish to have sex with him. Homosexuals who ‘declare’ their open homosexuality are also declaring they’re ready to engage in sexual encounters. Those members are now welcome to openly proclaim their preference around the campfire and while tying knots with each other, thanks to the National Council of the BSA. Perhaps the Girl Scouts are next. Why not transgendered youth? Why should they be left out? Parents, you undoubtedly believe and expect for rational reasons that homosexual adults will be banned from the Scouts, but not so fast. It’s predicted that ( ‘even though the proposed resolution would not apply to adults immediately, legal experts estimate the new rule will also extend to everyone in the BSA, including adults, within only a couple of years because of lawsuits that will be brought by gay-rights activists under state non-discrimination clauses around the country once a gay Boy Scout turns 18 and is removed from the program. The resolution is the first step in a two-step process in the whole program.’ Imagine sending your son into this snake pit where your son is exposed to adult leaders and scouts who are active and open homosexuals. The precedent has already been set in Massachusetts and California. Boys in touch with their feminine side may now use the girl’s room in Massachusetts public schools. Girls who are feeling full of testosterone may use the boy’s room. Adult homosexuals chaperone homosexual proms (massresistance. org). For those who argue it’s no big deal and this is an exercise in compassion and tolerance, let’s tell it like it is. This is a total remake of society in the image of corrupt man, not God. The moral compass swings in all directions today and this madness extends all the way up to the highest levels of society. There was a time when you could reasonably expect that The National Council of the BSA leadership would protect your sons from bunking with openly homosexual boys. The National Council is now subordinating the demands of a small group over the lives and futures of many in the Boy Scouts. Where are the men, the leaders in the National Council of the BSA? Placing young men into this potentially explosive situation is absolutely abominable and National BSA leadership should be immediately replaced and the ban permanently reinstated. Why were homosexuals given these special privileges by the BSA? You wouldn’t permit grown men to take 14-year-old girls (Scouts) on a weekend camping trip. For the same reason, rational people wouldn’t send boys out into a captive situation with homosexual boys and adults. Once again, the secular humanist culture in America force feeds its own morality on another once great institution, the Boy Scouts. Remember, humanism is the only religion permitted in government schools. This action is another dividend, the fruit, the harvest, of humanist thinking and theology. Free lance writer Robert Heiney is a CERT team volunteer and lives in Redbone with his family.

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