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Brehaut jailed

Convicted arsonist Stephen Brehaut was ordered to jail pending a July probation hearing by Judge Bill Fears in Lamar County superior court Thursday. Brehaut had been sentenced to 20 years on probation, ordered to pay $109, 241 in restitution and cleanup the Lighthouse Restaurant which he confessed to torching in 2012. He only did part of the clean-up and was in arrears on his restitution in the amount of $6753.17, having not made a payment since December. When his case was called Thursday morning, Brehaut told Judge Fears he was represented by a law firm in Thomaston. During a break in the proceedings, officials checked with the law firm and were told they had not been retained to represent Brehaut in the criminal matter. Confronted with that information by Judge Fears, Brehaut stammered that the firm was advising him on estate matters. Judge Fears immediately ordered him to jail until a hearing on July 9. ”At that time, we will take up your first offender status. You are looking at some serious prison time. Do not come up here again and tell me you have a lawyer when you don’t,” Judge Fears admonished. Brehaut was handcuffed in the courtroom and seated with the rest of the cuffed prisoners. Just before noon, he was taken to the jail in a sheriff’s office inmate transport van.

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