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B’ville’s recycle(d) center opens

Since 1984 Barnesville has been offering curbside recycling in city limits. Folks who live in the county must still do their own sorting and drop off. This will no longer be a huge issue as Barnesville has recently completed its transfer to the new recycling facility located at 161 Academy Drive near the Lamar County Health Department. As it stands now those who live in the city are issued brown tubs that allow them to collect recyclables such as newspapers (unwrapped), all colors of glass, soft drink cans, plastic milk jugs and liter bottles, corrugated cardboard, and home/office paper, and be picked up curbside during the week. Barnesville is working diligently to stay ahead of the recycling curve. Says city manager Kenny Roberts, “recycling is not cost-effective for most communities. It costs 3-4 times the money recycling generates to actually offer such services.” In essence, cities make nothing from recycling and with supply being as high as it is and demand being as low as it is, the prospect of traditional sorting and recycling is not a viable option for the city at the present time. Within the last year Barnesville has teamed up with Pratt Industries in Griffin and the Griffin Regional Recycling Hub to provide Barnesville with quality, single stream, recycling options. Adds Roberts, “as a city we believe in recycling and we want what is best for the city economically and in regards to waste. The relocated, single stream recycling center is just that and we are pleased it is done and ready for full operation.” As of Friday March 6 the equipment from the old center had been fully relocated to the new center and normal drop off resumed yesterday.

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