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Posts published in “Features”

LIFE OR METH (online poll)

Over the past three weeks The Herald-Gazette received mixed reviews for the three-part series on methamphetamine ‘“ the use, abuse, cost, and destruction of the drug that has wreaked deadly addiction and destruction in our…

Tough choice: beer or energy

Local Jason Byars talks beer with CNN.

Thoughts on how to create a real Green Economy

Good Morning:Carbon Sinking. A view point. Required Payment for Carbon Sinking.I am going to explain how Mandatory Payment for Carbon Sinking can have a positive impact on the economy. We hear lots of talk about…

Masterworks on tap: Griffin Choral Arts to perform

Griffin Choral Arts ‘“ which has a number of local members ‘“ will perform its second annual spring concert at the Gordon fine arts auditorium at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, March 5. (video after the jump)”It’s…

Meth’s Impact

An illustration originally created and printed by in Springfield, MO. It tells an amazing visual story.

A utopian sort of dream

Last night, I had a dream. It was sort of a continuation of a day dream in which I reshape and help cultivate the future of buggy town. In it I am not the city…

Quest at the Lamar Arts Gallery

The Quest show, which is in honor of Black History Month, is the annual African-American arts exhibit running through early March at the Lamar Arts Gallery at the historic Barnesville Depot. Artists being featured through…

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