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Child rescued from well

After an intensive rescue effort at 359 Martin Dairy Rd. a child was rescued after falling into an old, abandoned well. Carter Altman was playing on the concrete slab atop the old well which had been filled with dirt when it caved in. Rescuers speculated heavy rains had washed the dirt from beneath the cap. Young Carter was about 10 feet below ground. There was no water in the area where he was. The ground around the well was very unstable and rescuers were concerned more of it would cave in atop Carter. A ladder was lowered to him but he refused to climb it. He also would not grab ropes lowered to him. Fire chief Steve Andrews arrived and began talking to the child in an attempt to calm him. Eventually a Barney toy was lowered and, as Carter reached for it, Andrews maneuvered a noose at the end of a rope threaded through a piece of PVC pipe around his hand, tightened it and the boy was hauled from the well. He was dirty and scared but appeared unhurt. The child was taken to Spalding Regional Medical Center for evaluation but is expected to be fine. Dozens of rescuers at the scene celebrated when the boy was safely above ground following the rescue effort that took about an hour. Carter is the great-nephew of Chase and Cheryl Idol of Etheridge Mill Road.

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