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Citizen rails against 5G, demands wifi be removed from new high school

A local musician made an impassioned plea for the community to stand-up and fight against 5G wireless service expansion at the regular county commission meeting Sept. 17. Dan Morgan, known as Country Dan, claimed to have listened to multiple online podcasts on the matter. ’They are trying to push 5G. 4G has already caused enough harm. People play with their phones and it releases dopamine into the brain. This causes the brain to create new cells that force people to build walls against information,’ Morgan said. He argued frequencies are being used against mankind and have been for decades. ’I am flesh and blood. I have an enemy who is not flesh and blood. Diseases have quadrupled,’ Morgan said, singling out autism, Alzheimer’s and fibromyalgia. ‘These frequencies have caused us to disconnect from spirituality. The John Birch Society has been fighting this since 1958. My parents were organizers for the John Birch Society, so I wrote a song about them,’ he continued. He also opined cell towers pose a serious danger to humans. ’Cell towers are radioactive frequencies and they are aimed at us. These cell towers have to come down. We need to get back to healing frequencies. We need to get all the wifi out of the new high school. It is killing us. Wireless is designed for your destruction,’ he warned. Morgan also touched on weather in his remarks. ‘They control the weather. They have weaponized the weather. I choose Jesus,’ he continued. Morgan did note a possible future industry for the community in a discussion about broadcast bands. ’Everything is broadcast in 440 megahertz now. 440 messes up your molecules. So you get diseases. It is also a good pulse for war. So we have had war after war after war. I have tuned my guitar down to 432 megahertz, a healing frequency. I play harmonica but all the harmonicas are at 440 and are out of tune. Barnesville could start making harmonicas,’ Morgan concluded

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