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Citizen wants his CUVA exemption in writing

By Sherri Ellington A land swap that pertains to a Conservation Use Valuation Act exemption is legal but the owners want that in writing. Chuck Scott, who is swapping two lots of 3.46 acres of land with Bowen Jones now that the land in question is zoned agricultural, asked for the Lamar County tax assessors to put their decision on that in writing for future boards to see. ’We want to finish this as soon as possible. We’ve been working on it six months,’ said Scott, who has 46 acres in CUVA as of last year. ‘I want it in the records for five or eight years down the road if a new board tries to make me pay a penalty. I can’t afford that.’ First the land had to be surveyed, then Jones’ land, zoned commercial, had to be rezoned. Now, it must be joined with Scott’s existing acreage, without a CUVA breach. This can be done, said chief appraiser Jeannie Haddock, under a new state law. However, it must be done by the end of the year. Haddock is to type a letter for review at the November meeting. A copy will be sent to Scott and put in his CUVA file. Assessors also: ’¢ Heard all 65 appeals are complete and will be heard by the board of equalization on Nov. 5 and 6. A carryover date will be set if needed. ’¢ Heard the staff is going back over data back to 2010 after it learned of a building permit that was overlooked in 2011. That building was added to the tax digest. ’¢ Approved values for pre-billed mobile homes. The list does not include those that have been moved to the real estate rolls or taken off the tax digest due to depreciation. The total amount is $4,292.131. ’¢ Exempted Palmetto Health Counseling, aka Medical Center of Barnesville, after the clinic provided proof it was a nonprofit entity. ’¢ Called a closed session to discuss personnel.

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