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City water reserves under 100 days

Lamar has enjoyed two days of rain but they will make little impact on severe drought conditions here unless more is to follow. Light rains are also predicted to resume late Saturday. While this will help lawns and pastures and perhaps allow for over seeding with winter grazing, it is unlikely to have much impact on Barnesville’s water reserves. The city reservoir was eight feet below full pool Sunday morning and things are rapidly approaching the critical level there, according to city manager Kenny Roberts. ’The reservoir level continues to drop by one tenth of a foot every day. If it continues to drop at that rate we have approximately 100 days of reserve left. However, as the surface area of the pool continues to shrink, the rate of drop will escalate, thereby reducing the number of days of reserve by as much as 15 days,’ Roberts said. Mandatory restrictions and pleas for conservation may have gone largely unheeded thus far. ’The restrictions have only slightly reduced water demand and we are hoping our citizens and businesses will make every effort to find more ways they can reduce usage,’ Roberts continued. Any significant rainfall will reduce, at least temporarily, the danger of wildfire here. Rains in the north Georgia mountains could help the hundreds of firefighters battling large blazes there. Those fires have left Lamar hanging in a cloud of smoky haze when wind conditions have been right. Use common sense when enjoying outdoor fires and disposing of coals from grills and household fireplaces, experts say.

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