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Clark and Yost confess

Jennifer Clark and Kenneth Michael Yost have confessed to firsthand knowledge of the killing of Donald Clark but each is trying to blame the actual murder on the other. ”After their arrests, Clark and Yost each requested to speak to the sheriff and me. During those interviews they both admitted their involvement in the case. They gave us information only the perpetrator would have so we believe their confessions are legitimate,” lead investigator Rick McCreary said Monday. McCreary and Buice held a news conference at the sheriff’s office and plan to release taped copies of the interviews in which the lovers confessed to their involvement in the slaying. ”Each is saying the other hit Donald in the head with the bat. They wrapped his head in a bag and wrapped him up in the sheets and quilt on the bed he was in when he was struck. Donald either died from the blow or suffocated after his head was bagged,” McCreary added. The pair then put the body in the trunk of Donald Clark’s vehicle and Yost left to hide it. ”He drove down Potts Pond Road and started throwing stuff out the car. He hid the body near his mother’s home because it was a place he was familiar with. He panicked. Then they dumped the car in Forsyth. That’s how we found the car. They told us where it was,” McCreary added.

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