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College U: Is college relevant?

Thomas College, a liberal arts school in Maine, advertises itself as Home of the Guaranteed Job! Students who can’t find work in their fields within six months of graduation can come back to take classes free, or have the college pay their student loans for a year. The University of Louisiana, Lafayette, is eliminating its philosophy major, while Michigan State University is doing away with American studies and classics, after years of declining enrollments in those majors. And in a class called ‘The English Major in the Workplace,’ at the University of Texas, Austin, students read ‘Death of a Salesman’ but also learn to network, write a résumé and come off well in an interview. Even before they arrive on campus, students ‘” and their parents ‘” are increasingly focused on what comes after college. What’s the return on investment, especially as the cost of that investment keeps rising? How will that major translate into a job? So what do you think? Is college relevant to today’s job market? Has today’s undergrad diplomas turned into yesterday’s high school diploma? Are you presently in college and wondering where it will all lead? Do you have a student who is spending your hard earned money leaving you asking “what for?” GO! —————

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