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Commission issues statement on horse track

August 8th, 2022

Press Release

The Board of Commissioners is aware of an article in the Washington Post over the weekend that addresses activities at two permitted event centers in Lamar County. These particular places are referred to as “bush tracks” in the news article. There are many horrific and sickening allegations in the article. The Commissioners do not condone any of the activities that are cited in the article. But the Washington Post article does not constitute a legal investigation and we must recognize that fact. We support efforts by the Sheriff and District Attorney (and all other law enforcement agencies) to prosecute criminal activity.

The event centers that were permitted by the Board of Commissioners were never approved for these types of activities. Under Georgia’s Agritourism statues, they were supposed to be attractions that bring people to the farm for education or entertainment. The activities listed in the article are not the type of education or entertainment we want in our community. We did not issue permits for “bush tracks” or illegal gambling or animal abuse. Those activities are clearly illegal whether the facility has an Agritourism permit or not. The Board of Commissioners does not have law enforcement power. We do have power to pull permits and to address zoning violations through the courts. We are reviewing our options and will make a decision in the near future.

Lamar County Board of Commissioners

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