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Convicted killer Spinks appeals to judge for order voiding his sentence

By Walter Geiger Appearing in Lamar superior court without legal counsel Oct. 21, convicted killer Shameik Spinks asked Judge Tommy Wilson to void his life sentence. Outfitted in jail-issue orange coveralls and shackles, Spinks read from a sheaf of papers in a manilla folder. He noted his sentence, which followed a plea, was based on the underlying felony of armed robbery. He told the judge prosecutors failed to prove the essential elements of armed robbery at his sentencing hearing. District attorney Richard Milam voiced his disagreement. Milam and Judge Wilson urged Spinks to file a writ of habeus corpus in the county where he is imprisoned. He is doing life at Autry State Prison in Mitchell County. Spinks continued to argue his point and Judge Wilson gave him 60 days to file additional evidence while reinforcing his recommendation of the habeus filing. Spinks was one of three men charged with the December, 2010 home invasion murder of Gordon student Danavan Bussey in Westchester Heights. One codefendant, Lakievius Elerby, got life after a trial. Another, Bryce Arsenio Smith, pleaded guilty to robbery and testified against the other two. Smith was paroled on Dec. 22, 2014.

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