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Could serial killer jailed in Texas be connected to cases here in 1984?

A serial killer now imprisoned in Texas who has confessed to 90 murders across the country has claimed seven kills in Georgia, including one in the Griffin area in 1983-1984. Lamar County has two unsolved crimes from that time period. Helen Ann Morgan, 26, disappeared on May 16, 1984. Her car was found at the Atlanta airport several days later but not a trace of her has been found since. Donna Ogletree Johnson, 28, was brutally tortured and murdered. Her body was found on a logging road in the Piedmont district on July 16, 1984. Samuel Little, 78, has confessed to murdering women from California to Florida between 1970-2005. He claims to have killed a white female about 26 years old who could have been from the Griffin area. Sheriff Brad White reported Monday Little has connections to Taylor County in Georgia and his investigators have reached out to counterparts in Texas. ’˜We have been in contact with the district attorney out in Texas. We are certainly going to explore it,’ the sheriff said. Little is in bad health and will likely die in prison in Texas before any more trials can be held. Sheriff White and his team would love to clear either or or both the Morgan and Johnson cases if he is responsible. There have been leads like this before that have gone cold, however. ‘It’s amazing how many killers were supposedly in this area in 1983 and 1984,’ the sheriff concluded.

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