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County looks to save money

After meeting with constitutional officers Monday to discuss possible furlough days, the county was left with a little over $1 million deficit after cutting spending to $8,300,231. Estimated revenue for 2012 is $7,346,138. Possible layoffs were added to the table. In addition, unfilled positions ‘“ including that of county manager ‘“ were taken off the budget. This brought an estimated $954,000 in shortfalls into the $800,000 range. ’They did not discuss raising the millage rate at all,’ said county clerk Carlette Davidson. ‘The furlough days were the big thing. They’re still going over everything line item by line item but they can’t do anything with things that are mandated by the courts.’ She added Sheriff Larry Waller was opposed to furlough days due to staffing issues but other consti- tutional officers were amenable. Another option is cutting paid holidays down to two a year.

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