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County working to clear up fee bills

By Sherri Ellington While the Lamar County commission office has no exact number of how many people were re-billed for already paid 2010 fire and ambulance fees, county manager Bob Zellner said staff members are working hard to clear the issue up. *************** ©The Herald Gazette/ This information may not be reprinted, broadcast or distributed electronically in any form or fashion without express consent. For reprint permission, e-mail *************** ’The list we’re working from, and mailed letters from, is the reconciled list used with the original mailing back in 2010,’ Zellner said. ‘As with any large undertaking such as this, there will be some instances with people not receiving proper credit. It was a lot better this time around than the last time.’ He said more property owners have come in with their proof of earlier payment than have called but those with duplicate bills can do either to have their payments credited. ’We’re sorry for any confusion and are asking people who received a letter and have paid the fees to call and give us the receipt number or canceled check number so we can give them proper credit,’ said Zellner. ‘We will take care of it.’

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