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Crime evidence expert says Johnson case has solution

By Dewitt L. Edenfield Jr. There’s substantial entomological evidence in the Donna Marie Ogletree Johnson murder case that leads one to at least consider the fact she wasn’t killed by person or persons unknown. It’s the same information that contradicts statements and alibis of several people questioned during the original investigation in the weeks and months after the murder and put the previous assumptions that Donna Johnson was killed between 2-4 p.m. on July 16 into the ‘doubtful’ category. Then Lamar County Sheriff Joe Buice and investigator Steve Burge were undoubtedly disturbed ‘“ and rightfully so ‘“ when this data was presented to the GBI and prosecutors at a meeting in December 2005 and it failed to lead to an indictment. It’s at this point when an outside investigator ‘“ such as me ‘“ has to ask why. It’s a legal fact circumstantial evidence makes up the majority of the evidence presented at trial, so why didn’t District Attorney Richard Milam step up to the plate?

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