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Cruel and Unusual punishment or effective corporal punishment?

There has been an argument in the last thirty years about the severity (or lack thereof) of discipline in our schools. Some parents feel punishment is necessary in the discipline process while others think it is their job – and their job only – to discipline their children as they see fit. Perhaps though and unparalleled case has surfaced in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Supposedly, a Malaysian teacher forced a student to smoke 42 cigarettes in two hours as punishment after finding the boy had a cigarette and lighter, a news report said Thursday. A school official confirmed that the English teacher subjected the student to the unusual punishment but said the teenager was made to smoke fewer than 42 cigarettes. He declined to elaborate. He said the teacher was upset when she found that her model student had a cigarette and a lighter in his locker in the school in the northern island of Langkawi. The government permits boys to be whipped with a rattan cane in schools for such offenses as smoking, vandalism and harming others. If this were your child how would you feel? Did the punishment fit the crime? Where should discipline in our schools begin and end? Go!

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