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Dealing with bright people is a pleasure

Those of us here at your newspaper have done yeoman’s work in recent weeks launching redesigned websites. I had no idea going in just how complicated it would be. Like you, I sit down at my computer and expect it to work. Most often it does. It may not do exactly as I instruct it but it almost always does something. I’ve learned that, most often, the mistakes with it are my own. The new websites run on an open source weblog software developed in Germany. Apparently all these computer geniuses there sat around and created it using their collective expertise. Steve Cromer built our Apple networks after the flood of 1994 and has maintained them since. The switch to Mac was partially necessitated by flood damage. We also had tired of the proprietary system we had used to that point and the endless fees that went along with maintaining it. As a result, I have become a huge Apple fan. I loathe even sitting down at a PC. When Steve comes to perform maintenance, I follow him around and soak up his knowledge. He is extremely knowledgeable so I do a lot of soaking. Steve managed to make contact with a man in Chicago who had a direct connection to the German software think tank group and that is how we got to where we are today: cutting edge, full featured, content rich websites we hope you will fall in love with. Our goal is to continue to cover this community like no one else can. Our site went live last week and the site should follow suit in a few days. Since the new sites were built on sideband domains, taking them hot required ‘˜pointing’ various domain name servers around the world at the proper address. From my understanding, the data which your computer acquires to show our site on your screen arrives in packets – each of which may take a different route through millions of servers before reaching your computer. In other words, a story headline may go through Romania to get to your screen while the body copy and photo take other routes. The pointing process was intriguing because, as it was underway, some computers got the new site and some got the old. Eventually all these servers corrected themselves and the changeover was complete. Through it all, I learned there are a lot of smart people in this world. It is, indeed, a pleasure to work with and observe them in action. It is also a pleasure to have you as a reader. We take our responsibilities as your news source very seriously. Get and stay involved. Send us your feedback and news tips. I am constantly available at and look forward to hearing from you.

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