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Dear Santa …

Some children may want such strange things as a ferret or purple hair, but a little girl named Hannah Popham has captured the season with her unusual requests. From the usual run of Santa letters, techno-toys are again topping the lists. I-Pods, flat screen TVs, video games, telephones and just plain ‘computers’ are among the items frequently requested of Santa. Some wants seem impossible, but maybe not for a guy who can fly around the world in a sleigh with eight reindeer — oops, nine; can’t forget Rudolph. Kingzley wants a castle, two dinosaurs and a dragon. Mason would like to have a dummy that just has a head. Tanner thinks he needs a real Navy Seal suit, all the gear and a battery-powered submarine. Brandon says that he, his dad and his brother need ammo for hunting, but he wants fake swords too. A pet corn snake, vampire teeth for Halloween, $100 cash and a motorcycle with no training wheels are also departures from the traditional. Many kids thanked Santa for previous gifts, and almost everybody wants to know how things are at the North Pole. The writers have questions for Santa, too, like Skylar wants to know what makes Santa want to bring presents; several asked for Santa’s phone number.

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