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Dedication to truth

By William Smith If dedication to truth is the promise of morality, then there is no greater form of dedication than the responsibility of thinking, and accepting no authority over your own brain. It seems there are so many people who identify themselves with race or political ideology that they lack the ability to think as an individual. If people use their brains, a political party cannot destroy America. It’s the ignorant entitlement obsessed citizens who fail to ‘think’, that will be the destructors of this nation. The Left promotes this entitlement class, and that’s why health care is their first power grab. Let me be clear, this health care takeover has nothing to do with your health, or efforts to reduce the nation’s debt. It is all designed to enable the left to buy votes, and experiment with social engineering. This much is true; social engineering with the use of handouts has negatively affected the value system of many people, and it seems to be self perpetuating. Example; as an orientation instructor for a transportation company, my job is to evaluate and facilitate new hires into our organization. I am appalled at the lack of a work ethic many of these people bring with them. This lack of a work ethic is the product of social engineering. If this health bill is passed, the next agenda of the left will be immigration reform. Their plan is to add to the ignorant electorate by legislating illegal aliens into citizens thus enabling them to vote. I feel the majority of these new citizens will vote for politicians which promise handouts. In a few years these so called ‘have not’s’ will be a large majority with a strong voting base. What party do you think these voters will vote for, and who do you think will pay for these entitlements? These entitlements will be paid for on the backs of working class Americans. I am one American who is livid at being raped by this transfer of wealth. Someone once said, ‘The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money’. Well, the money has run out! It may be possible to undo some of the damage in November, but I feel the majority of the electorate has become so dependent on the government that a financial meltdown is inevitable. The problem is far more serious than just the liberals, which are just an indicator of what ails us. It is the voters who do not ‘think’ and keep voting these liberals into office which will be the downfall. To all you hard working Americans who are proud to be self sufficient, and feel the government is an obstacle and not a savior, I salute you! I try to be an optimist, however it seems a perfect storm is brewing and I for one have begun to prepare for it. With this editorial I have not accused any political party; you people use your ‘brain’ to lay blame!!

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