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Do new, Georgia billboards link abortion to race?

According to an article by Errin Haines printed yesterday “the message on dozens of billboards across the city is provocative: Black children are an ‘endangered species.'” As the image depicts, the eyebrow-raising ads feature a young black child being displayed as an effort by the anti-abortion movement to use race to rally support within the black community. The reaction from black leaders has been mixed, but the “Too Many Aborted” campaign, which so far is unique to only Georgia, is drawing support from other anti-abortion groups across the country. ”It’s ingenious,” says the Rev. Johnny Hunter, national director of the Life Education and Resource Network, a North Carolina-based anti-abortion group aimed at African-Americans that operates in 27 states. “This campaign is in your face, and nobody can ignore it.” But what do you think? Is it too “in your face?” Does it project negative stereotypes? Does abortion know racial divide? GO!

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