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Does the recent blockbuster ‘Avatar’ perpetuate the white messiah myth?

Every age produces its own sort of fables, and our age seems to have produced The White Messiah fable. This is the oft-repeated story about a manly young adventurer who goes into the wilderness in search of thrills and profit. But, once there, he meets the native people and finds that they are noble and spiritual and pure. And so he emerges as their Messiah, leading them on a righteous crusade against his own rotten civilization. This is not a racist thread nor even a racially inspired question. Rather it is a very serious look at a highly successful film that incorporates a very simple formula. Once a director selects the White Messiah fable, he or she doesn’t have to waste time explaining the plot because everybody knows roughly what’s going to happen. Is this true? What do you think? Is it employed in ‘Avatar’? GO! NOTE: Today’s opinion is based on a rather strong article written by David Brooks for the New York Times. You can”

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