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Donna Johnson’s last hours

Imagine, if you can stomach it, the final torturous hours of Donna Ogletree Johnson. Those hours of brutality were much longer than we were all originally led to believe. Donna was dead as early as 5 a.m. on the day her body was found and she was brutalized for many hours prior to the time her killer or killers delivered three blows to her head with a roofing hatchet. ’When they finally killed her, they put her out of her misery,’ former Lamar County sheriff Joe Buice says. At some point, Donna was assaulted. She fought hard for her freedom, clawing at her attackers, but was overpowered and hogtied by an expert. She was gagged with her bra and panties and beaten unmercifully. She was experiencing her menstrual period and thus unworthy of rape. So, her sadistic captors sexually violated her repeatedly with a metal rod or similar object. No doubt Donna knew she was done for if she could not break free. Against all odds, she clung to life, enduring mindless torture that would have killed most. No doubt she thought of her husband, Jimmy Johnson, her parents, Ed and Beulah, and her sister, Becky. She hoped against hope that someone would save her. Her someone never came. Still, she refused to die, even when run over with a vehicle. When the blows from the hatchet finally caved in her skull and snuffed out her life, Donna left behind memories and mysteries. Who killed her? Donna took the answers with her. Now only her killers know who they are. Certainly, they enjoyed ‘“ took great pleasure from ‘“ their work. This was not the result of a domestic disturbance. This was a thrill killing. I wonder if they suffer pangs of remorse. I wonder if they had killed before. I wonder if they have killed since. I wonder if they are capable of killing now. I wonder if they are feeling the heat. I wonder if those charged with investigating her death are working as hard as they could be on the case. As opined in this space before, this case has not been solved because someone in a position of power does not want it solved. If we find that person, we find the killers. What do you know that you have not yet revealed? Any tiny fragment of information you possess may hold the key to the mystery. Make the call!

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