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Dr. Truby speaks out on school shootings

By Dr. Bill Truby Superintendent, Lamar Co. Schools Another brutal, senseless, inexplicable and certainly inexcusable tragedy has struck another school and community in our country. Our hearts and prayers reach out to the families of the victims, all of the school family, and to the entire town of Newtown, Connecticut. Parents send their children to school every day ‘“ and believe that they will be safe in every way possible. From my perspective, schools are a safe haven for our youngsters — the safest location possible. We are trained in many ways to detect problems and to deal with them decisively and appropriately. We have staff on alert and people assigned to cover hallways and byways. In our school system, we have joined with the Police and Sheriff’s departments to provide School Resource Officers to assist us in deterring and preventing any situation that might disrupt the school day or put our students or employees in any danger. These statements could probably have been said by the folks at Sandy Hook Elementary School. That is what is so challenging about this situation. When people have purposed in their minds to accomplish a terrible deed, what can be done to stop it? Legislating morality is an impossibility. Laws can only punish immorality. As a reflection of the craziness of our society, school tragedies are just another example of our loss of naiveté and purity as a nation. In short, the distance between God’s plan for us and our actions is greater than it has ever been. The answer I have come to in my own life is the need to pray so much differently than we used to for our children. No longer can we be content with prayers for good grades and a successful day in athletic competition. Rather, we must first start with the intention of covering our children with God’s protection from all sorts of evil. And it is a protection that covers the mind, spirit, and body. Such prayers are not only needed in school, but they are needed at play, social events, and even at home. Therefore, as we consider offering our prayers for the people in Newtown, CT, let’s also take time to pray for our children and the employees of our school system. An ounce of prevention is still worth a pound of cure.

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