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Economic stimulus plan will hurt the poor

Bob Heiney Many people believe in their hearts the Obama economic stimulus plan will help all Americans, but especially the poor. To understand the depth of this program, you must realize the dollars spent by the federal government represent nearly a trillion dollars. While some of the money is earmarked for tax cuts, much of it will go to funding infrastructure improvements and education. While on the surface these are nice places to direct your tax dollars, it’s debatable whether these expenditures will make a difference to poor families. Why? Because these dollars won’t filter down directly to the poor in the form of good, long-term employment. Instead, there will be the template Socialist hand-outs providing little to no real solution to our federal government-caused economic crisis. The U.S. government shouldn’t talk about rescuing anyone as they are a financial bad actor. With over $10 trillion dollars in debt, a war costing a billion dollars a day, $1.2 trillion dollars already allocated for bank bailouts ‘“ whew. How on earth will the taxpayers pay for this? One estimate has the U.S. government in hock over $50 trillion. This is a major, problem for every American citizen. It’s as if lunatic accountants hijacked our government and deliberately spent it into destruction. So, how will the U.S. government pay for this latest huge spending plan? The answer is simple. They can’t, unless taxes are jacked up for every American including the poor. The rich can’t be soaked much more ‘“ unless you want them to pack up and move to a different country. You don’t want that. The middle class is saddled with a rising inability to pay their taxes. Property taxes in some parts of the country are over $10,000 a year. No, this is not homes for the rich, but the middle class. That leaves the poor. If you’re poor ‘“ you’ll pay more under the federal government’s economic stimulus plan. There’s more. Since tax increases alone can’t fund gigantic spending programs promoted by the government, they’ll do what they always do. Print lots of new dollars. What does this mean to you? Consider this analogy. Diamonds carry high value because they are fairly rare in their finished form. What would they be worth if there were beaches full of them? Nothing. The same applies to dollars. The more the federal government prints, the less they’re worth. One source claims today’s dollar is worth four cents in purchasing power versus the same dollar in the early 1900s. This affects you directly in rising costs. The less the dollar is worth, the more of them you need to pay for gas, food, utilities and all the other essential, non-luxury items you purchase regularly. Everyone ‘“ the poor included ‘“ suffer when the government irresponsibly and recklessly prints dollars to pay for huge spending programs they can’t afford in the first place. For poor folks who saw the price of gas double ‘“ you know how hard it was just to buy gasoline for car to go back and forth to work. You had to cut back big-time on food, heat and other necessities just to get by. Have you taken a real look at what the federal government is doing with your money? Has the size of the federal debt sunk into your head yet? Do you realize how the money policy of the federal government is robbing your children of a prosperous future? There is an old expression, ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help you.’ You always laughed when you heard this because you knew that this wasn’t true at all. Today, it’s no laughing matter. Your government is pursuing programs that are unconstitutional and dangerous. If you’re poor, you won’t escape the effects of your government spending public money that’s not there to spend. Your cost of subsistence living could triple or quadruple in the near future. If that’s what you want, do nothing. If you’re concerned, call your congressman and senators today and demand an end to the economic stimulus plan and a return to a sound monetary policy.

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