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Erik Estrada to attend movie screening at Rock Springs tonight

Rock Springs Church will present a free prerelease screening of the movie Finding Faith starring Erik Estrada Thursday, Feb. 21, at 7 p.m. The doors will open one hour before the screening ‘This is an excellent movie for families to attend together about the dangers of internet crimes against children,’ said Abbey Shiflett of Rock Springs. ‘The film uses a compelling story to educate parents and children about internet safety.’ Estrada, who plays the part of Bedford County, Va., sheriff Mike Brown, will be a special guest. He is best known for his leading role in the TV series Chips. Since then he has appeared in a long list of movies, TV shows and reality programs. His career began with a faith-based film. In the 1970 film version of The Cross and the Switchblade, Estrada made his film debut in the role of Nicky Cruz alongside Pat Boone, who played the role of David Wilkerson. In 2000, Estrada was named the international face of DARE, a campaign against drugs. In 2009, Sheriff Brown made Estrada a full-time deputy sheriff in Bedford, involved in program direction for the Safe Surfin’ Foundation. Finding Faith is a full-length narrative motion picture that tells true stories and experiences from law enforcement officers with the Internet Crimes Against Children task force. The film is family friendly and a faith-based production in association with Liberty University and Thomas Road Baptist Church. The film has four major objectives: To use a compelling story to educate parents and children about internet safety in a non-intimidating way; to reveal the challenging work and accomplishments of Virginia’s law enforcement agencies with specific attention to ICAC; for teens to have a comprehensive, realistic understanding of internet safety; and to challenge teens to live dynamically and purposefully. Finding Faith is based on a compilation of actual events Sheriff Brown investigated through his ICAC task force. In a Safe Surfin’ Foundation public service announcement, one victim told how she was abducted by a child predator and remained captive three days before being rescued by the police. She was last seen near her home in rural Virginia. The last contact her family had with her was seeing her walk down their driveway talking on her cell phone. The victim was met at the end of the driveway by two people who forced her into a pickup truck at knifepoint. She was held hostage until police rescued her in Pittsburgh, Penn. ‘This abduction occurred through the use of a cell phone and new technology allowing kids to chat via smartphones,’ said sheriff Brown. The victim had been texting and chatting for several weeks via cell with someone she believed to be a 16-year-old boy. She felt the relationship was innocent and frequently chatted with the boy about normal teenage troubles. The person she was chatting with was actually a 38-year-old man. He and a female companion drove over 400 miles from his home in Pittsburgh to abduct their victim. ‘We can’t just focus on internet safety now. Technology is changing and child predators are looking for new ways to hurt children,’ Brown said. ‘This story is a wake-up call for all parents to begin monitoring their children’s cell phones. The situation emphasizes the importance of parental involvement. This victim was one of the lucky ones. We’re proud of her and her family for sharing this terrible experience to educate young people. We’re thankful she wants to share her story.’ The Garretts are well-off and love their jobs. Their family has solid values. The two children are attractive and excel academically, socially, athletically and spiritually. When 14-year-old Faith Garrett is abducted, the film shows how a model family can be torn apart by tragedy but built back together by faith. The film shows how an apathetic community and spiritual warfare can tear down the strongest of believers. Finding Faith highlights ICAC task force efforts to rescue children from predators, often right before the children come to great harm. Even the tightest families and most guarded parents often cannot stop predators. For information visit or call 770-229-8663.

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