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Everyday annoyances

Life is full of little, aggravating things. These can be human behaviors that flip your switch or pesky little things that crop up – many of them technology based. For example, my iPhone is three or four years old. It constantly wants to be updated or backed up or something. I charge my phone all night as I assume most do. Some days, the battery will be nearly dead by midmorning despite the fact that I almost always close out apps when i am done with them. This amounts to a minor aggravation – something that burrows just deep enough under the skin to perturb me. Another is the microwave beep. Who designed that thing? You place a plate of food in the contraption, program it to heat for three minutes and walk away to do something else. At the end of three minutes, you get six or eight beeps letting you know your food is done. That is all fine and good. But, if you don’t go directly to the dang thing, it will beep again at 15 second intervals just in case you didn’t hear the previous blasts from its tiny horn. Is this really necessary? I assume that, if I dropped dead, the thing would beep until the coroner got perturbed, opened it and enjoyed my lunch – depending on the level of decomposition of both me and the food, of course. Have you ever noticed that the guys with the bro country pickup trucks or tricked out Jeeps that look as if they are outfitted to cross the Serengeti creep across modest railroad crossings at glacial rates of speed. Why is this? If you struggle to navigate a simple set of train tracks, do you really expect to be able to back the bass boat down the boat ramp and haul those 14 Yeti coolers that are apparently crucial to your way of life? How about the folks that go to the fast food drive-thru window and order the equivalent of Thanksgiving dinner. You wait and wait as do 15 other people behind you as a huge order is prepared. Finally, the poor server gets the feast prepared and slides open her window to complete the transaction and hands over five or six bags and three trays of drinks. Often, this driver is the one whose power window has failed and he or she must transact business through a partially open door. Why not spare the rest of us and go inside? We’re used to ill-fitting pajamas and silly slippers at 2 p.m. Then, there are litterers. I could go on and on about that but, suffice to say, litterers are losers. All these things amount to minor aggravations. It is best to observe them but not dwell on them. Otherwise, you will be off balance all the time. Get a big truck, a Yeti and drive fast over railroad tracks. It is a great way to blow of steam.

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