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Extremist Groups – The ‘End the Fed’ Movement

By Robert Heiney In a recent column, I discussed the Missouri Information Analysis Center’s report on the Modern Militia Movement and some of the people on their watch list. One of the groups they monitor is the ‘End the Fed’ movement. Here is some background on the Federal Reserve System, the source of this movement. The Federal Reserve System should be well known to you as their name appears on our currency and is often in the news. But let’s look a little closer. Like much of what emanates from government, the name ‘Federal Reserve System’ is deceptive. First, we’ll look at ‘Federal’. The Federal Reserve System is not a Federal agency at all. Instead, it’s a private banking cartel like OPEC. And as OPEC controls much of the world’s oil, the Federal Reserve controls America’s currency. It’s owned and managed by ‘“ well we just don’t really know for sure. But some of the officers are not Americans. And they are all ultra rich industrialist-bankers. Now let’s look at ‘Reserve’. You probably think the Federal Reserve is sitting on a giant vault of gold and silver bullion as the name suggests. Sorry ‘“ there are no precious metals backing our currency. In fact, Federal Reserve, would really be called the Private Fake Money System if you could name it yourself. ‘System’ is accurate. They have an exclusive right given by your government, to set interest rates and print dollars unbacked by anything in the USA. By now, you might be shaking your head and asking if this is all true. Sadly, it is true ‘“ but it gets worse. This private banking cartel needed vast amounts of money to fund their big loans to the US government to spend vast sums on social programs and troops in 135 countries. Where did they get this money? You ‘“ of course. The same banksters that conned a comatose Congress into creating a central bank, were successful in pushing into law a progressive income tax. This tax was just going to be a teensy weeny little 1% on citizens making less than $20,000 a year, which in those days was the equivalent of $400,000. The Federal Reserve System a/k/a The Private Fake Money System has created a cycle of rising costs that affects every American ‘“ but it acutely hurts the poor. When gas prices shot up to nearly $5.00 per gallon, the cruelest impact was on the poor who struggled just to get to work everyday. Food prices shot up because of skyrocketing energy costs. The government bites the hand that feeds it by blaming corporate greed for rising prices. But the dirty secret is, the federal government causes this by printing trillions of dollars of fake money. Money that’s only worth ‘something’ because ‘˜they’ say so. But today’s dollar is worth 4 cents versus the dollar before 1913, the year the Federal Reserve System was created. Prices have skyrocketed since then, enriching the privileged class who are part of the Washington, DC political elite. So, should we ‘˜End the Fed’? Look into it. You may be shocked at what you find.

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