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Farmers or Fish?

I am an admitted advocate of the environment. I cherish our planet and I work my hardest to preserve its beauty and legacy. I am not in favor of abusing any of our animals or vegetation. But I am completely opposed to the abandonment of humanity. Such a case of loss may be taking place in a profound way in the Central Valley of California. It has long been known that the Central Valley, when properly irrigated, farmed and cultivated, is considered the bread basket of America. But now farms all over that region have been allowed to dry up. Why? The reason, while also a serious matter, can be filtered down to a 2-inch minnow on the endangered species list. Fairly radical environmentalists claim that the fish was getting caught in the water pumps that provided the farms with water, so to protect the tiny fish, the pumps were turned off. Subsequently, farmers have been left high and dry, and entire communities are now feeling the impact. Some towns in the area are now facing unemployment rates of up to 40 percent. And many residents are admittedly having to visit food banks to survive. What do you think? Is this bunk? Has it happened before? What is more important? Farming or fish? GO!

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