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FEMA changes clean-up ground rules; no more dumpsters

FEMA representatives who pulled into town Monday advised the Lamar County commission its efforts to clear tornado debris from rights-of-way will not be reimbursable unless it starts removing debris on a per unit basis rather than the hourly basis it was operating under. As result, the county can no longer provide dumpsters to homeowners who must rent their own dumpsters or haul debris to the right-of-way for removal. The county is also preparing to take emergency bids – bids that do not have to be advertised – for storm recovery work. The first bid request is for removing debris from the roadside. It is published in its entirety below. ”We anticipate having at least two more RFBs. One for leaners, hangers, and stumps and one for grinding the debris. I’m trying to get this one set up with FEMA before I jump into those two but they will be coming before too much longer,” noted commissioner Charles Glass who is heading up the effort. A pre-bid meeting is set for today (Wednesday) at 3 p.m. in the county administrative building. “Anyone can attend and ask whatever questions they might have. That way everyone will hear the same answer. Sealed bids must be submitted by 5 p.m. on May 17. We will open them and select a contractor at the meeting that night,” Glass added. Here is the RFB… LAMAR COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS 326 Thomaston Street Barnesville, Georgia 30204 REQUEST FOR BIDS LAMAR COUNTY DEBRIS REMOVAL Removal of debris from right of way along several county roads damaged by tornado and winds 27-28 April, 2011 RFB PKG NO. 2011-01 A. PURPOSE, INTENT AND PROJECT DESCRIPTION Lamar COUNTY Board of Commissioners (COUNTY) requires the services of a CONTRACTOR to remove debris from the right of way along several county roads damaged by tornado and winds 27-28 April, 2011. The CONTRACTOR will perform the required tasks necessary for this work per this document, GEMA and FEMA regulations, and instructions given with this request. County Commissioner Charles Glass will be the PROGRAM MANAGER and can be reached at 770-630-2372. The Public Works Director, James Rigdon, will be the PROJECT MANAGER and can be reached at 678-588-7970. The CONTRACTOR shall complete all work related to this Contract within 150 calendar days from the issuance of Notice to Proceed. B. BIDDING REQUIREMENTS A pre-bid meeting will be held on May 11, 2011 at 3:00 P.M. at 408 Thomaston Street (Lamar COUNTY Administrative Building) in the Commissioners’ Conference Room. All parties interested in submitting a bid are requested to attend. The completed bid shall be delivered in a sealed envelope with the name of the CONTRACTOR submitting, RFB PKG#, address, telephone numbers and primary point of contact. Any bids received after the deadline will be returned to the bidder unopened. Sealed Bids must be received in the Lamar County Commission Office (408 Thomaston Street, Suite E, Barnesville, GA 30204) by 5:00 P.M. On Tuesday, May 17, 2011. Bids will be opened and the total value of the bid will be announced at the Commissioners’ meeting on May 17, 2011 at 7:00 P.M. Proposals will be reviewed by the County Commissioners. The successful bidder will be required to meet the following conditions: be able to provide services to pick up, load, haul and unload storm related debris as defined in the Contract for Services as set forth in the General Conditions, Scope of Services, and all attachments as required in this RFB; be willing and capable of performing the Services, including but not limited to, proper documentation preparation, management, and event closure; be knowledgeable and have experience in provision of the conditions and Services as described herin; be able to perform the Services and any other agreed to services in a timely manner, within the Contractual time limit of this Contract; and; have the resources necessary to meet the Contractual obligations of this Contract; and Provide proof of insurance and proof of current Lamar County business license prior to Notice to Proceed being issued. C. TRAFFIC CONTROL The County will be responsible for traffic control. The CONTRACTOR will cooperate with the County’s traffic control operations but they are not responsible for providing designated traffic control personnel. The CONTRACTOR shall strive to accommodate two-way traffic at all times and shall provide access for emergency vehicles and/or emergency personnel through or around the work area. D. ATTACHMENTS Bid Sheets General Conditions Sample Forms Map The Lamar COUNTY Board of Commissioners reserve the right to reject any and all proposals received and to award any one bid item or all bid items to multiple Contractors. Award will be made to the Proposer offering the most advantageous proposal to the county; hence Lamar County shall not be obligated to accept the lowest priced proposal. The County will make an award in the best interest of Lamar County after all factors have been evaluated.

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