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These are FINAL vote totals from LAMAR COUNTY ONLY for the Nov. 6 general election: Turnout was 65.22%. GOVERNOR: Stacey Abrams (D): 2194 Brian Kemp (R): 5095 Ted Metz (L): 57 LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR: Sarah Riggs Amico (D): 2027 Geoff Duncan (R): 4911 SECRETARY OF STATE: John Barrow (D): 2186 Smythe Duval (L): 92 Brad Raffensperger (R): 4964 ATTORNEY GENERAL: Charlie Bailey (D): 2211 Chris Carr (R): 4991 AGRICULTURE COMMISSIONER: Gary Black (R): 5104 Fred Swann (D): 2058 INSURANCE COMMISSIONER: Jim Beck (R): 4977 Donnie Foster (L): 134 Janice Laws (D): 2087 STATE SCHOOL SUPERINTENDENT: Otha E. Thornton Jr. (D): 2087 Richard Woods (R): 5117 LABOR COMMISSIONER: Mark Butler (R): 5074 Richard Keatley (D): 2118 US CONGRESS DIST. 3: Chuck Enderlin (D): 2152 Drew Ferguson (R): 5066 STATE SENATE DIST. 16: Marty Harbin (R): 5057 Bill Lightle (D): 2161 STATE HOUSE DIST. 131: Chris Benton (D): 1317 Ken Pullin (R): 1992

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